Social Share Buttons by Supsystic

Social share buttons to increase social traffic and popularity. Social sharing to Facebook like and share, Twitter, Pinterest and other social network …

Simple social share solution includes custom buttons design and placement. Choose any social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkdIn etc.), button design and share bare location. Save your project and that’s it.
Simple, eye-catching social sharing plugin with great customization and tons of features prevails with:

Increase Numbers of Social Sharing

With our Social Share Button Solution you will increase your social popularity and will be able to take social sharing on a next level. It will promote the increase of social activity on your site. Social Share by Supsystic is very easy and fast way to let your visitors share your content to social networks, helping you to multiply your website social traffic.

Fully Responsive and Easy to Use

Social Share buttons by Supsystic are fully responsive and look nice on different devices and themes. With simple configuration of our plugin you don’t need any programming skills to create your own design of share buttons – you can easily set the template, size, animation and position.

Over 20 Social Networks

Social Share plugin supports many different popular social networks – LinkdIn, Twitter, Google+, Vkontakte, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, Facebook and many others! You can add the numbers of social networks and create excellent sharing toolbar, which will help your visitors to choose the most suitable network for them.

Different Placement Options of Social Share Buttons

Social Share by Supsystic provides you the ability to choose where to show share buttons – on different sides of the page, at any place of page or post content. They can be placed even in a popup window using our awesome Popup plugin! Using our plugin you can create Facebook share button widget with share buttons and show the sharing toolbar at theme’s widgets areas. Also you can use shortcode and show buttons where you want. With this options of Social Share buttons, you have much more chances to attract a wide variety of your website visitors.

When to Show Option

Plugin allows you to choose the various time options for showing social buttons (like Facebook share button) – when page load or when user clicks on it. Besides you can specify share buttons on the pages or posts in any place you wish it to be shown – from standard to a very specific pages/posts. Also it allows you to hide social buttons on mobile devices. Social Buttons by Supsystic allures users to share the right content аt the right moments, and keeps them engaged on your website.

Customizable Design and Amazing Effects

Social Share solution offers you wonderful collection of multiple design buttons options and different animation effects. You can easily customize special Facebook share buttons design – choose buttons size, add button spacing, enable displaying of social share counter, select button and icon animation.

Translations [Social Share Buttons by Supsystic]( “Social Share by Supsystic”) in Your Language

You have an incredible opportunity to get PRO version of the social sharing plugin for free. Just make translation of the Social Share Buttons plugin by Supsystic!
Contact Us if you translate the plugin. Available Translations:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Russian

How to Create Social Share Buttons in WordPress

Step 1: Creating Responsive Social Share Buttons

  1. On the left navigation menu click “Add new project”.
  2. Enter the title of project and click “Create”.

Step2: Customizing of Social Share by Supsystic

Here you can set all the options of Social Share plugin. Simply navigate the corresponding section of properties – Networks to show, Facebook Buttons Design, Animation, Where to show, When to show. Important! After changing the settings of plugin don’t forget to click “Save” button.

Also with Social Share plugin you can clone the project – on the top of the page with settings of the project click “Clone” button. It will create copy of the project and redirect you to it settings.

Besides you have the ability to view the statistic of the project – on the top of the page with settings click “Statistic” button. Here you can monitor

  • pie chart of network total shares
  • total shares for last 30 days
  • most popular pages for last 30 days

Now more details about sections of properties –

Networks to show

  1. Click “Add Networks” social button (for example Facebook social button)
  2. Choose networks, with which you want to create social buttons. You can select any numbers of social networks. Also here you can choose “Like” button for your site.
  3. Click “Select” button.

Social Buttons Design

This section allows you:

  • Choose buttons template (Facebook social share button) – you have the ability to choose one of 4 templates.
  • Add social button spacing.
  • Set social buttons size – smallest, small, normal, big, biggest.
  • Enable display of counters for social buttons. Besides you can use short numbers for counter and select from where exactly to show numbers of counter – the all projects, the entire project or from the each page.

Share Buttons Animation

Here you have the opportunity:

  • Select the effect for animation of social (Facebook, Twitter, etc) buttons
  • Select the effect for animation of icons inside the sharing buttons
  • See the preview of animation effects

Where to show social buttons

With Social Share Buttons by Supsystic you will be able to choose where to show social share toolbar –

  • At the Sidebar of the page – top, bottom,left, right.
  • At the posts or pages content – above content, below content or above + below content.
  • At the popup window – you need to install Popup by Supsystic plugin to use this feature.
  • At the theme’s widgets areas – create a widget of your project at Appearance -> Widgets.
  • Use shortcode – insert the project shortcode and show buttons where you want.

When to show

Here you can set when to show social share buttons:

  1. Show on next pages –
  • Show social buttons everywhere
  • Choose the specific pages or posts to show social buttons
  • Hide share buttons on mobile devices
  1. When to show –
  • When page load
  • When user click on page

Our plugins

To install a social sharing plugin via FTP

  1. Download the Social Share buttons plugin
  2. Unarchive Social Buttons plugin
  3. Copy the social-share-buttons-by-supsystic folder with plugin
  4. Open the ftp \wp-content\plugins\
  5. Paste the plug-ins folder in the folder
  6. Go to admin panel => open item “Plugins” => activate Social Share Buttons by Supsystic plugin
First time Social Share Buttons by Supsystic user

Complete tutorial How to create your first Social Buttons

How to install PRO version of plugin?

To install Social Share Buttons by Supsystic PRO follow this instruction

Where is documentation for Social Share Buttons by Supsystic WP plugin?

Here it is Social Share Buttons Documentation

How to customize Social Buttons Design?

Here is design customization tutorial

2.1.15 / 29.07.2020

  • Fixes for TWIG

2.1.13 / 14.01.2020

  • Minor fixes
  • Fix issue with tabs

2.1.12 / 27.11.2019

  • Minor fixes
  • Fix error with tabs

2.1.11 / 20.11.2019

  • Minor fixes

2.1.10 / 05.11.2019

  • Fix issue with fa-ssbs.css

2.1.9 / 30.10.2019

  • Small fix for CSS floating
  • Remove not working social links
  • Add custom font-awesome ssbs-fa
  • Add fix for feature button hover CSS
  • Remove delicious

2.1.8 / 14.10.2019

  • Fix link
  • Fix slimscroll

2.1.7 / 25.09.2019

  • Minor code improvements

2.1.6 / 03.09.2019

  • Minor issue fix

2.1.5 / 05.08.2019

  • Fixed broken layout
  • Minor issue fix

2.1.4 / 12.06.2019

  • Fix buttons appearance
  • Minor issue fix

2.1.3 / 13.05.2019

  • Set right pinterest default text issue
  • Add twitter via username issue
  • Minor issue fix

2.1.2 / 27.03.2019

  • Minor issue fix

2.1.1 / 25.02.2019

  • Code improvements

2.1.0 / 16.01.2019

  • Fix of registering of twig functions twice
  • Fixed style bugs
  • Minor issue fix

2.0.9 / 01.11.2018

  • Fixed db issues with reactivate plugin
  • Minor issue fix

2.0.8 / 18.10.2018

  • Minor issue fix
  • Fix minor issue with compatibility for PHP 7.2 or greater

2.0.7 / 18.09.2018

  • Code improvements
  • Minor issue fix

2.0.6 / 13.09.2018

  • Minor issue fix
  • Minor code improvements

2.0.5 / 05.09.2018

  • Code improvements
  • Minor issue fix

2.0.4 / 28.08.2018

  • Minor issue fix

2.0.3 / 08.08.2018

  • Minor issue fix
  • Fixed buttons size

2.0.2 / 01.08.2018

  • Fixed social size in frontend
  • Minor issue fix

2.0.1 / 24.07.2018

  • Fixed project renaming after click save button
  • Added possibility set default email to adress for mail button
  • Slider integration fix
  • Minor issue fix

1.9.9 / 20.06.2018

  • Minor issue fix
  • Added Nederlands (Belgiё) translation

1.9.8 / 30.05.2018

  • Fixed multisite plugin activate
  • Fixed “Align buttons on content page:”

1.9.7 / 15.05.2018

  • Fixed displaying of social buttons with horizontal type of Supsystic Gallery
  • Upgraded FontAwesome to version 4.7.0
  • Fixed widget

1.9.6 / 17.04.2018

  • Fixed issue with display social buttons
  • Minor issue fix

1.9.5 / 04.04.2018

  • Fix issue with multisite installation
  • Code improvements
  • Minor issue fix

1.9.4 / 21.03.2018

  • Code improvements
  • Minor issue fix

1.9.3 / 07.03.2018

  • Fixed styles
  • Fixed arrows style
  • Vendor fix
  • Fixed sharing social share “media” parameter
  • Fixed images for Pinterest gallery when using LazyLoad

1.9.2 / 20.02.2018

  • Added Integration with Membership plugin
  • Fixed translation
  • Minor issues fixed and code improvements

1.9.1 / 23.01.2018

  • Fixed displaying in Gallery
  • Minor issues fixed and code improvements
  • Added Ukrainian language translation

1.9.0 / 19.12.2017

  • Add ability to add general text for a buttons’ block
  • Add ability to select pictures for sharing on Pinterest
  • Add ability to edit the order of share buttons
  • Add ability to display the total amount of Shares
  • Fix of using the post featured image for sharing on Facebook
  • Fix of using of post content for sharing on VK
  • Minor issues fixed and code improvements

1.8.9 / 08.11.2017

  • Fixed bug with Pinterest sharing
  • Vendor fix
  • Core code improvements

1.8.8 / 11.10.2017

  • Fixed bug with Category sharing
  • Minor issues fixed and code improvements

1.8.7 / 06.09.2017

  • Fixed sharing of the category page
  • Fixed adding WhatsApp button for creating the new project
  • Updated link for Delicious service
  • Fixed bug with adding all images for Pinterest service
  • Added theme logo to sharing for Pinterest service
  • Fixed bug with the Counter option for Photo Gallery integration
  • Minor issue fix

1.8.6 / 22.08.2017

  • Removed index keys for table views
  • Minor issue fix

1.8.5 / 19.07.2017

  • Reverted twig version to v.1.33.2 for php 5.2 support

1.8.4 / 18.07.2017

  • Updated twig to version 1.34.4
  • Minor issue fix

1.8.3 / 12.07.2017

  • Fixed “Slider by Supsystic” compatibility
  • Fixed displaying tooltip for the Popup item
  • Fixed setting network’s position
  • Minor issue fix

1.8.2 / 31.05.2017

  • Small styles fix

1.8.1 / 12.05.2017

  • Hot fix for some databases updates

1.8.0 / 11.05.2017

  • Additional compatibility with Slider by Supsystic plugin
  • Additional compatibility with Google Maps Easy plugin
  • Fix for AMP and FBIA plugin
  • Fix for hiding buttons on the home page
  • Removed tooltip from PopUp admin area integration
  • Minor issue fix

1.7.9 / 21.02.2017

  • Fixed adding new projects for multisite
  • Added improvement for mail address button
  • Featured plugins updated – added Membership plugin
  • Minor issue fix

1.7.8 / 15.02.2017

  • Fixed Social share table “shares” creation
  • Minor issue fix

1.7.7 / 26.01.2017

  • Framework updates
  • Minor issue fix

1.7.6 / 19.01.2017

  • Changed mail share icon
  • Framework updates
  • Minor issue fix

1.7.5 / 12.01.2017

  • Fixed old code for php 7 compatibility
  • Fixed Warning for Gallery
  • Fixed Remove echo test info
  • Framework update
  • Minor issue fix

1.7.4 / 13.12.2016

  • Code improvements
  • Minor issue fix

1.7.3 / 18.10.2016

  • Code review and improvements
  • Minor issue fix

1.7.2 / 27.09.2016

  • Code review – improve basic menus vendor functionality
  • MInor issues fix

1.7.1 / 21.09.2016

  • Fix Facebook like button
  • Fix bug with social buttons widget
  • Minor issues fix

1.7.0 / 25.08.2016

  • Fixed email sharing post link for the content type
  • Added description parameter to Pinterest button
  • Fixed data preparation for the plugin
  • Fixed hover effect for forth template of buttons flat design.
  • Minor issues fixes and code improvements

1.6.9 / 13.07.2016

  • Fixed bug with DB errors on install
  • Fix common settings for social share statistics
  • Minor responsive social buttons issue fix

1.6.8 / 24.05.2016

  • Added control options to statistics
  • Integrated with plugin ‘Photo Gallery’ by Supsystic
  • Minor issues fixes and code improvements

1.6.7 / 12.05.2016

  • Fix issue with missing MySQL extension for PHP (for version 5.5.0 and later) at Overview admin page
  • Fix activation issue with empty queries in plugin installation
  • Fixed bug, the option ‘hide on home page’ not always work
  • Fix undefined variable notice
  • Fixed bug with showing in content
  • Minor issues fixes and code improvements

1.6.6 / 27.04.2016

  • Fixed a conflict with the theme Celebrate
  • Updated api filter ‘sss_network_builder_get_url’
  • Minor bug fixes

1.6.5 / 19.04.2016

  • Modified compatibility with wp_trim_excerpt
  • Minor bugs fixes

1.6.4 / 06.04.2016

  • Hot fix for compatibility of supsystic plugins (hot fix version 1.6.3)

1.6.3 / 05.04.2016

  • Fixed bug when changing the design of buttons
  • Fixed bug on the home page with the plugin popup
  • Fixed bug in search of pictures of the product for certain themes
  • Minor bugs fixes

1.6.2 / 29.03.2016

  • Added an option “Do not show on next pages / posts”
  • Added an option “Align buttons on content page” for shortcode
  • Fixed a bug with button in popup
  • Added support for Polish language
  • Added filter “sss_network_builder_get_url”
  • Fixed a bug with some languages

1.6.1 / 24.02.2016

  • Fixed bug does not show the button in the summary of the post
  • Fixed redirect after removal project
  • Fixed a bug with the alignment buttons
  • Fixed bug with saving of statistics
  • Fixed “hide on home page” option
  • Fixed semantic errors in the text

1.6.0 / 12.02.2016

  • Fixed bug – removing of the database after update
  • Fixed bug with Hiding on the home page
  • Minor bugs fix

1.5.9 / 02.02.2016

  • Fixed design editor
  • Fixed upgrade process
  • Minor bugs fix

1.5.8 / 27.01.2016

  • Added new option “Hide on the home page”
  • Added new option “Short URL” in Twitter
  • Fixed a bug with the option “text format” for Tumblr
  • Removed the special characters when you click to share mail

1.5.7 / 12.01.2016

  • Optimized loading of views from the database
  • Removed the “+” symbol and replaced by a space, in social networks
  • Added to links attribute “rel = nofollow”
  • Improved the selection of photos for sharing on woocommerce pages
  • Fixed the issue with new tab by clicking on the mail button

1.5.6 / 04.01.2016

  • Added the ability to specify a default message
  • Fixed fatal error for php version 5.2
  • Fixed option to hide for mobile devices

1.5.5 / 28.12.2015

  • Fixed a bug with the output of buttons in search list of posts
  • Improved performance while maintaining of statistics views
  • Fixed output of social networks list when adding a new network to the list
  • Removed highlight text around the buttons
  • Fixed bug with “User click on page” option
  • Updated Welcome page and Step-by-step tutorial

1.5.4 / 26.11.2015

  • Fix conflict with other our plugins(Data Tables, Slider Plugin, Photo Gallery Plugin, Pricing Table)

1.5.3 / 25.11.2015

  • Add first-time Welcome page and Step-by-Step tutorial
  • Fix facebook share button issue
  • Add option to select social networks, when social buttons project creating
  • Minor bugs fix

1.5.2 / 20.11.2015

  • Added �?Tumblr’ share button

1.5.1 / 17.11.2015

  • Improved button preview example on project setting page
  • Added new option “Share only post link”
  • Added ability to select post type, where will be showed buttons.
  • Added new option Show Only on Mobile Devices’
  • Added WhatsApp’ share button
  • Added ability to select buttons position(left, center, right) in a content place
  • Added column “Total Views” on ‘Projects’ tab
  • Code improvements
  • Minor Issues fix

1.5.0 / 03.11.2015

  • Sharing Buttons placement in footer fix
  • Code improvements
  • Minor Issues fix

1.4.9 / 29.10.2015

  • Create New Social Button Project design changes
  • Fix bug with share buttons in ‘Shortcode’ and ‘Popup’
  • Update Twig
  • Minor Issues fix

1.4.8 / 27.10.2015

  • Fixed bug with Flat design button
  • Fixed with option ‘Button spacing’
  • Fixed bug with counters position
  • Fixed bug with the date of the project created
  • Fixed bug with tooltips
  • Buttons in content aligned to the center
  • Added ability to select buttons design when project creating
  • Code improvements
  • Minor issues fix

1.4.7 / 20.10.2015

  • Social buttons tooltips functionality fix
  • Social share buttons spacing fix
  • Change view of social button controls (Button Text / Tooltip / Title)
  • Set font size in share button to 1em
  • Minor issues fix

1.4.6 / 15.09.2015

  • UI social share buttons improvements
  • Removed facebook share buttons whitespace without ‘Add spacing’ option
  • Fixed twitter, facebook buttons spacing option
  • Fixed share buttons gradient mode
  • Fixed ‘Show on click’ with ‘Hide on mobile devices’
  • Fixed preview social buttons position
  • Fixed bug when the user can’t remove the network from the project

1.4.5 / 14.09.2015

  • Sharing Buttons placement fix
  • Social Share Buttons design fix

1.4.4 / 11.09.2015

  • Added new button set
  • Fixed Widget error issue
  • Fixed content lock styles
  • Minor issues fix

1.4.3 / 09.09.2015

  • Added new social buttons tooltip
  • Added support of the social share button sets
  • Added Odnoklassniki social button icon
  • Fully rewritten ‘Flat’ social button style
  • Framework improvements and increased loading speed
  • Added Black and White mono social sharing button set
  • Code improvements and increased speed
  • Facebook social button fix

1.4 / 20.08.2015

  • Major improvements of the plugin modules
  • Framework improvements
  • Fully rewritten and improved “Show navigation button” option
  • Fully rewritten and improved “Show all networks” option.
  • Users can translate “Share” text on the button in the translation files
  • Current version is incompatible with the Social Sharing Buttons PRO v1.0.2 and lower

1.3 / 19.08.2015

  • Fixed bug with social button projects on single pages
  • Updated buttons design and options (include Facebook share button and Twitter sharing)
  • Added option “Show after N shares” for the social counters

1.2.8 / 13.08.2015

  • Fixed shortcode behavior for errors
  • Fix Pinterest icon – submit share with image from current page
  • Fix Gradient mode
  • Minor issues fix

1.2.7 / 05.08.2015

  • Fixed social buttons location
  • Remove facebook share button reflections
  • Social lock content feature fix
  • Share buttons show for specific page/post fix
  • Fixed popup social buttons
  • Added right-arrowed social button counters

1.2.6 / 24.07.2015

  • Blanks added to links
  • New tooltips links
  • PopUp by Supsystic Plugins integration –
  • Minor issues fix

1.2.5 / 09.07.2015

  • Notifications added, admin options changed
  • Notice fixed
  • Outlines removed from project
  • Admin settings changed
  • License module added
  • Minor changes
  • Functional fixes

1.2.4 / 01.07.2015

  • Ajax requests optimized
  • Evernote sharing button added
  • Buttons layout fixed
  • Admin settings changed
  • Sidebar customization additional options added
  • Minor changes
  • Functional fixes

1.2.3 / 19.06.2015

  • Helpers added to networks meta
  • Evernote sharing button added
  • Designs changed, tooltips fixed, modal dialogs fixed, notifications added
  • Overlay added, admin settings changed
  • New counter style
  • Overview navigation changed
  • Networks updating new version
  • Functional fixes

1.2.2 / 19.06.2015

  • New Facebook share button design
  • Evernote sharing button added
  • Share brand icons styles added
  • Network button title and name added
  • Sharing buttons network meta and meta navigation added
  • Social network buttons tooltips changed

1.2.1 / 11.06.2015

  • New social buttons templates
  • Notice fixed
  • New share buttons design layout on the settings tab
  • Social network buttons share fixed
  • Facebook share button fix
  • Fixed social buttons PO/MO files

1.2.0 / 05.06.2015

  • Buttons tooltips fixed system added
  • Change size effect fixed, buttons size live to fix, warnings fixed
  • Show all button transition added, changes in checkboxes and radio buttons focus effects
  • List buttons shares fixed
  • Fixes for popup view
  • Settings layout change, stats moved to tab, new cbox and radio styles with iCheck
  • Activation fixed, admin menu changes
  • New shortcode styles
  • Multiple post fix, networks style fixed, custom tooltips added for all buttons, preview fixed
  • Functional fixes
  • Minor changes

1.1.9 / 26.05.2015

  • Preview section changed
  • Buttons size fixed on preview
  • Change size effect changed
  • Buttons tooltips added
  • Shortcode inserting fixed
  • Changes in admin settings
  • Functional fixes
  • Minor changes

1.1.8 / 20.05.2015

  • Hot fixes
  • Functional fixes

1.1.7 / 19.05.2015

  • New social buttons added
  • New social buttons style added
  • Sharing Buttons shadow added
  • Social Networks order fixed
  • New show more networks button added
  • Minor changes

1.1.6 / 13.05.2015

  • Tooltips system added for the display section
  • Social buttons layer optimized
  • Close buttons added to animation dialogs
  • Share Buttons and icons animation now starts on hover event
  • Show and hide social button added to sidebar section
  • Admin settings functional changes
  • Admin options view changed
  • Added tab filter
  • Overlay buttons shadow effect added
  • Overlay change size effect added
  • Social Share buttons and icons animations moved to dialogs
  • Sharing live preview for new effects
  • Live preview for buttons size option

1.1.5 / 07.05.2015

  • Added social counters
  • Fixed bugs with Popup and Social Sharing plugins integration
  • Added shortcode extra options
  • Settings interface changed
  • Check and uncheck all socials button added to the dialog
  • Social share icons added to all buttons

1.1.4 / 30.04.2015

  • Fixed bug with social sharing project creation
  • Fixed bug with social buttons responsive design
  • Fixed BadMethodCallException in Updater module
  • Fixed “Hide on mobile” sharing setting
  • Fixed social share counters for “The all project” option

1.1.3 / 28.04.2015

  • New buttons design
  • Fix minor bug with social bar locations
  • Add tutorial how to use Social Share Buttons by Supsystic
  • Fix bug with a responsive option on Android

1.1 / 23.04.2015

  • Added new social buttons style
  • Added new animations block
  • Added social icons animation
  • Fixed social buttons sharing rendering bug


  • Release on
  1. <p><a href="" title="Social Buttons Design">Social Buttons Design</a></p>

    Social Buttons Design

  2. <p>Social Share Buttons Admin Interface</p>

    Social Share Buttons Admin Interface

  3. <p><a href="" title="Social Share Buttons">Social Share Buttons</a> by Supsystic - admin interface. Where and when to show social buttons</p>

    Social Share Buttons by Supsystic - admin interface. Where and when to show social buttons

  4. <p>Black and White Social Buttons</p>

    Black and White Social Buttons