Genesis Translations

This plugin translates the Genesis Framework into one of the available languages.

This plugin translates the Genesis Framework into one of the available languages. No need to fuss about with your functions.php file or uploading .mo and .po files. Just install this plugin et voilá! If you’re curious about the status of your translations you can check out the translations here and if you’d like the improve your language you will need to register here first.

Check Translate StudioPress to see which languages are currrently supported and how far along the translations are.

So you don’t see your language up here and you would like to see it added? Please contact me and we’ll get you sorted.

This plugin only works on the Genesis Framework.
You can find me here:

Installation of this plugin works like any other plugin out there. Either:

  1. Upload the zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Or search for “Genesis Translations” via your plugins menu.

Why is the plugin not translating my entire site?

This plugin translates the text strings of the Genesis Framework and ONLY those. So, this plugin does not translate your content (post / pages).

Why is the plugin not translating my Genesis Child Theme?

This plugin translates the text strings of the Genesis Framework and ONLY those. You’ll most likely need translation files for your Genesis Child Theme. Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help you on your way.

How can I see my language added to this plugin?

Please contact us and we’ll get you sorted.

Can I make a suggestion

You most certainly can. Please contact us and we’ll get you sorted.

Where can I find the list of languages being worked on?

Visit the StudioPress GlotPress installation to see the complete list of languages being worked on.

I have your plugin activated but I don’t see an options page

That’s because there isn’t any. If you have one of the provided languages properly configured in your wp-config.php file, then upon activation you should see all matters Genesis automagically translated.

When I’ve activated your plugin there are still some words in English on my site

Most likely you either have words hardcoded in your child theme’s functions.php file or you’re working with outdated (or incomplete) WordPress translation.

I’d like to help out with the translations

Fantastic! Go ahead and register here and we’ll get you sorted.


  • Translations updates


  • Big update to various languages.
  • Apologies for the non-SEMVER bump, but wanted to be in sync with Genesis version.


  • Implemented new way to build and generate standard po/mo files as well as JSON translation files for the JavaScript components. Huge props @modernnerd (Nick Cernis)
  • Updated various languages


  • Fixing more incorrect translations creating printf warnings.


  • Updated to Genesis 2.10.0 text strings
  • Updated various languages
  • Fixed bug


  • Updated to Genesis 2.8 text strings
  • Various translation updates


  • Added nl_BE and sr_RS
  • Various translation updates


  • Updated to be in sync with Genesis 2.7 branch
  • Added a lot of translations updates across the board


  • Updated to be in sync with Genesis 2.6 branch
  • Added a lot of translations updates across the board


  • Updated to be in sync with Genesis 2.6 branch


  • Various translations updates
  • Removing i18n module
  • Removing fallback translations for anyone still on a Genesis version older than 2.0
  • Updated admin page slightly.


  • Translation updates


  • Bumping a version number, bad, bad semver, I know, to match Genesis release version.
  • Updated all the languages.


  • Updated various languages
  • Added Amharic (am), Czech (cs_CZ), Slovenian (sl_SI) and Ukranian (uk).


  • Adding system for testing


  • Updated hu_HU and sv_SE


  • Updated fr_FR, nl_NL and bg_BG

  • Adding fa_IR


  • Updated fr_FR, zh_CN, hu_HU, nl_NL and da_DK


  • Updated bg_BG, da_DK, hr, hu_HU, it_IT, nl_NL and ro_RO

  • Updated Dutch translation


  • Proper fix for deprecated version check with get_theme_data


  • Fixed notice for $theme_info on L104


  • Large update to (finally) reflect the changes made in Genesis 2.0. Lots of improved translations across the board. Too many to mention specifically.


  • Updates to various languages + added Welsh (cy)


  • Updated a few things in readme


  • Added Arabic (ar), Afrikaans (af) & Croatian (hr)
  • Updated es_MX, da_DK, sv_SE, pt_PR, hu_HU,


  • Updated Hungarian language files. Again.


  • Updated Danish, Dutch, German, Hebrew, French and added Mexican Spanish


  • Updated various languages


  • Accidentally deleted helper function. Sorry about that folks.


  • Updated the translations to reflect the changes made to in the genesis.pot file related to the Genesis 1.9 update
  • Updated German (de_DE), Finnish (fi) and Dutch (nl_NL)


Added Norwegian ( nb_NO ) and huge update to Portuguese Brazilian. Small updates to French, Danish and Russian


Few minor updates Bulgarian, Romanian, Chinese and Portuguese Brazilian, but mostly added Russian (ru_RU) and Icelandic (is_IS).


Basically all of the languages saw small updates. Swedish and Danish got a big overhaul in grammar and such. Hungarian, Portuguese and Chinese is added as well as Icelandic for the front-end only.


SVN somehow did not pick up the languages files. Second try.


Updated a bunch of translations from
Added Hungarian, Turkish and Portuguese.


  • Added the Vietnamese translation and re-added the Greek version to make the file was accurate.


  • Updated a bunch to translations to match the translation strings of Genesis 1.8: nl_NL, de_DE, fr_FR, da_DK, fi, ro_RO, id_ID, es_ES, el_GR and sv_SE.


  • Added the Danish translation that was ready for about 87%.
  • Re-added the Portuguese translation files as they had gotten lost somehow. Apologies to all who got affected.
  • Updated the Finnish version.


Added Greek el_GR to the translations. Note, not all strings have been properly translated to Greek yet, but most of the important stuff has.


Fixing a typo. It happens.


  • Stable release. Updated some code here and there. Added the Portuguese Brazilian, Hebrew, Japanese and Romanian languages.


  • First release. Just testing things out.